Hearing AidsHearing Aids

Are you having trouble convincing your aging parent they need hearing aids? This article might help.

Hearing LossHearing Loss

Have you been told you have hearing loss? Learn more today about the types of hearing loss.


What is tinnitus and how does it effect your hearing health? Learn more about tinnitus here.

Hearing ProtectionHearing Protection

It is important that you protect your hearing not only on the job but in social situations such as concerts and hunting.


Meet the Flip Hearing Aid

Meet Flip--a no-nonsense hearing solution. Flip is small and discreet but still feature packed. Equipped with Sonic's exceptional Speech Variable Processing platform, Flip is remarkable at delivering consistently clear speech and natural sound, making it a dependable option for those that wear it. Externally, Flip is unique as the only instrument of its size fitted with a size 13 battery, and both a push button and a large rotary volume control to compensate for patient dexterity needs. The compact Flip also appeals to a broad range of people seeking help for hearing loss by accommodating mild to severe hearing losses. Flip is available in 3 technology levels.

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