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Are you having trouble convincing your aging parent they need hearing aids? This article might help.

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Have you been told you have hearing loss? Learn more today about the types of hearing loss.


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It is important that you protect your hearing not only on the job but in social situations such as concerts and hunting.

Common Hearing Aid Problems (and how to fix them)

Common Hearing Aid Problems (and how to fix them)

9 lines of productIf you or your loved one have a hearing aid that’s not working properly, don’t panic: Chances are you may be able to fix it yourself. Try these troubleshooting tips before visiting the hearing aid repair specialist:

Problem 1: The hearing aid is dead.

Possible causes:

  • The battery is depleted. Solution: Replace the battery.
  • The receiver tube is blocked. Solution: Clean the receiver tube or change the wax filter.
  • The microphone opening is clogged. Solution: Clean the microphone opening with a brush.

Problem 2: The hearing aid is not loud enough.

Possible causes:

  • The receiver tube may be blocked. Solution: Remove the receiver tube blockage and clean it.
  • Your hearing has changed. Solution: Schedule a hearing exam.

Problem 3: The sound is distorted.

Possible causes:

  • The battery contacts are dirty or corroded. Solution: Open and close the battery compartment a few times.
  • The battery is dirty or corroded. Solution: Clean the battery surfaces with a dry cloth or replace the battery.
  • The hearing aid is switched to telecoil. Solution: Switch to microphone signal (M).

Problem 4: There’s a whistling or howling when inserted.

Possible causes:

  • Earwax has accumulated. Solution: Have your ear canal checked by a doctor.
  • The hearing aid was not inserted properly. Solution: Remove and reinsert the hearing aid.

Problem 5: The sound is inconsistent.

Possible cause:

  • The battery is running low. Solution: Replace the battery.

If you’ve tried these suggestions and the problem still persists, take it to a hearing aid repair facility for a professional diagnosis.

Need to consult with a hearing expert? Click here to find a Hearing Specialist in your area.



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